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Plastic Recycling Granulation — Plastic Pellet Making Machine

The choice of extruder depends mainly on what material the plastic needs to be recycled by the customer and what output is required per hour. if the customer produces PP recycling and granulation, the required output is 100~150kg/h, the raw material particles are large but the plasticization requirements are not high, the CSE-65 single screw extruder is the most suitable.


Caco3 Filler Masterbatch Extruder

The machine model is mainly determined according to the customer’s output. The L/D of the twin screw extruder is the higher the better. It is usually required to be more than 40 with a high cost-performance ratio. Generally, the 52mm, 65mm, and 75mm twin screw extruders are more popular with customers. The triple screw extruders of 52mm, 65mm and 75mm have a higher output and better mixing effect than the twin screw extruders of the same model.

Filler Masterbatch Machine

Filler Masterbatch Machine

Filling masterbatch refers to the mixing and mixing of various additives, fillers and a small amount of carrier resin for the convenience of operation in the process of plastic processing and molding. The design of filling masterbatch formula has only fixed design concept and purpose, and there is no fixed formula. Different formulas of different equipment and processing environment of powder need to be adjusted properly.

Color Masterbatch Extruder

Color Masterbatch Extruder

Color masterbatch is a special colorant for new polymer materials. Different types of color masterbatch have different uses. However, color masterbatch is basically used for coloring products such as plastics, pipes, packaging, electrical enclosures, films, moisturizing materials, clothing fibers, and improving unique properties.

TPU twin screw extruder

TPU Twin Screw Extruder

TPU modified granulation process:Twin screw extruder — screen change — water-cooling strand pelletizing granulation auxiliary machine — water trough — dryer — pelletizer — vibrating screen — siloTwin screw extruder — melt pump — screen change — Underwater granulation auxiliary machine — underwater pelletizer — water circulation system — centrifugal dehydrator — vibrating screen — silo

PVC compound machine

PVC Compound Machine

PVC generally needs to be modified and granulated first. The basic principle of modification is to endow materials with functions or improve some properties through additives. PVC granulation generally uses a two-stage machine, the upper stage adopts a twin-screw extruder, and the lower stage adopts a single screw extruder.


TPE extruder

For TPE as an elastomer, the most difficult process is how to granulate. In the selection of extruder, the extruder model of 52mm-95mm is usually selected, L/D is 48:1, the screw material is W6Mo5Cr4V2, and the barrel is block type, 45# steel + overall sleeve structure.


PET Sheet Extrusion Line

The Characteristics of Cowin’s PET extruder machine High vacuum degree. High torque twin screw extruder. Unique screw element and combination design.Low energy consumption. High precision pressure closed-loop control system, automatic control.Multi-layer extrusion, stable and reliable. Recommended


Thermoset Plastic Extrusion Line

high-speed mixer feeder twin screw extruder machine cooling air pulverizer cyclone separator fine powder recycling tower Muffler The excellent mixing capability, self wiping characteristics, and accurate temperature control of the co-rotating twin-screw extruder enable thorough


TPV twin screw extruder

TPV twin screw extruder, Twin Screw Extruder Underwater Pelletizing Line. Introduction to TPV processing technology and buying guide.