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Cowin’s participation in K 2022 fulfils highest expectations

Cowin's participation in K 2022 fulfils highest expectations 1

Germany Düsseldorf International Plastics and Rubber Exhibition is held every three years. In October 2022, it ushered in its 21st grand exhibition, which is the largest, highest level and most representative plastic exhibition in the world. With the theme of «Circular economy——Climate protection ——Digitalization», this exhibition has attracted 3037 exhibitors and more than 176000 professional visitors from all over the world.

Cowin's participation in K 2022 fulfils highest expectations 2
Cowin's participation in K 2022 fulfils highest expectations 3

Nanjing Cowin Extrusion Machinery Co., Ltd. (Cowin), after careful preparation, has once again become a highlight in the same industry with its excellent technical level. We made full use of the exhibition opportunity to communicate, exchange and negotiate with customers and dealers to further enhance the visibility and influence of the Cowin brand, as well as to further understand the product characteristics of advanced enterprises in the same industry, so as to better improve our own product structure and give full play to our own advantages.

Cowin's participation in K 2022 fulfils highest expectations 4

In this exhibition, our company exhibited degradable materials, PET recycling granulation and other products. Among which degradable materials are plastics whose properties remain unchanged during the storage period, but can be degraded into harmless substances under natural environmental conditions after use. PET is the most commonly used plastic in beverage and hard food packaging. In addition to its basic functions, sustainable packaging should also consider the impact of its entire life cycle on the environment. After use, PET can be put into a recyclable dustbin. PET can be collected, classified, processed, cleaned, and then remanufactured into various new products. Recycled PET resin is also a valuable manufacturing raw material, It can be repeatedly processed and used in packaging products. The application of these materials fully conforms to the theme of this exhibition.

Cowin's participation in K 2022 fulfils highest expectations  4
Cowin's participation in K 2022 fulfils highest expectations 5

In this exhibition, all staff of Cowin actively contributed ideas and suggestions for the preparation of the exhibition, and all departments actively cooperated and contributed, demonstrating the good teamwork spirit of Cowin staff. Through this exhibition, our company has gained a lot and let more people know our brand «Cowin». We are also aware of the technology and philosophy different from our peers, as well as our responsibility and responsibility on the way to environmental protection.

Cowin's participation in K 2022 fulfils highest expectations 7
Cowin's participation in K 2022 fulfils highest expectations 8
Cowin's participation in K 2022 fulfils highest expectations 9
Cowin's participation in K 2022 fulfils highest expectations 10


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