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How to find the best China twin screw extruder manufacturer?

At present, the global demand for high-performance processing equipment in different fields such as plastics, chemicals, food, and medicine is increasing. For requirements in these different fields, a reliable supplier is needed.

Twin Screw Extruder
Twin Screw Extruder

China is known as the factory of the world, China has many reliable suppliers for you to choose from, and China has enough resources to meet the needs of the global extrusion market.

Let’s discuss how to find a reliable extruder supplier in China in this blog.

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Research the best manufacturers

There is no way to choose the manufacturer that best meets your needs without surveying, and learning as much as you can about the market.

You can start with a Google search and provide Google with more detailed requirements.

google search result

At this time, you can choose the manufacturer you are interested in through the results that Google gives you and go to their homepage to learn more information.

There are several comparisons and research you can do to choose the supplier that is right for you.

Contact the manufacturer of your choice

After you have done a lot of researches, you can choose to contact the supplier of your choice to get more information you want to know, such as some product details or a sample or something.

Chat Button
Chat Button

Most suppliers offer multiple channels of contact, and you can get in touch using the method you are used to.

Visit the exhibition

The exhibition is not only an exchange between industries but also an important way for you to obtain reliable suppliers.

There are many famous exhibitions in the world, like Chinaplas. Because of the epidemic, many exhibitions have been transferred from offline to online. You can go to those exhibitions that are helpful to you to get more information.

Face-to-face meetings and product presentations can be a great way to connect with your suppliers, so come to the exhibition if you have the opportunity!


Face-to-face meetings and product presentations can be a great way to connect with your suppliers, so come to the exhibition if you have the opportunity!

Confirm the product quality

The quality of the purchased commodities meets the requirements of the purchasing unit is the first condition that the purchasing unit must consider when purchasing commodities.

For products with poor quality and low prices, although the procurement cost is low, it will lead to an increase in the total cost of the enterprise.

Because unqualified products often affect the continuity of production and the quality of finished products in the process of being put into use by enterprises, these will eventually be reflected in the total cost.

Therefore, before you order any product, you should ask the supplier for a product certificate and test report to determine the quality of the supplier’s product.

Report from Alibaba


Creativity is always the best way to compete! When you choose a manufacturer you are interested in, you can establish a long-term relationship with the manufacturer and ensure that the manufacturer can meet your various needs.

If you choose an experienced supplier, they will provide a variety of ways to help you solve the problem.

Each company should have its own way of competition, customized Always the most popular way!

After-sales service and warranty system

Supplier’s attitude to product training before and after sale is also an important criterion for your choice.

Installation Services: With installation services, buyers can reduce the time it takes to bring equipment into production or to put it into operation.

Free maintenance is the protection of the buyer’s interests, and it also puts forward higher quality requirements for the products provided by the supplier.

In this way, suppliers will find ways to improve product quality and avoid or reduce the occurrence of free maintenance.

Technical support services: If suppliers provide corresponding technical support to buyers, they can sell their products while solving problems for buyers.

For example, in the information age, products are updated very quickly. Suppliers provide technical support such as free or paid upgrade services, which are very attractive to buyers and reflect the competitiveness of suppliers.

A reliable supplier should always be someone you can trust and work with.

Choose Manufacturer or Distributor

If purchased from the manufacturer, the equipment quality and after-sale service will be guaranteed to a certain extent.

If purchased from distributors or traders, the payment methods will be more flexible, like T/T, L/C, O/A, etc.

Why recommend twin-screw extruders by manufacturers from Nanjing China

Nanjing is the distribution center of twin-screw extruders. The core components of extruders such as barrels, screw elements, gearboxes, mandrels, etc. can be found in Nanjing local suppliers with very good quality control.

Purchase difficulty

Every customer is very entangled in this problem, because there are really many suppliers of twin-screw extruders, and the final choice depends on the quality, technical parameters, after-sales service and price of the twin-screw extruder.

How to find the best manufacturer for profit

The most critical factor in the purchase of a twin-screw extruder is whether the purchased extruder and the pelletizing method meet the material and output requirements.

The next consideration is the matching of parameters, the arrangement of the barrel and screw combination, whether the various energy consumption in the final production are within the range that the customer can bear and whether the final modified pellets meet the quality requirements of downstream products.

How to communicate with the manufacturer

Background check the manufacturer to ensure that the manufacturer is a real enterprise.

According to the material and product requirements of the product, make a quotation for the corresponding technical parameters of the twin-screw extruder, and check whether the parameters meet the needs of customers.

Uncertain parameters can be negotiated and negotiated with the twin-screw extruder manufacturer for several rounds. After confirmation, the final business negotiation can be carried out.

What should be confirmed with the twin screw extruder manufacturer

  • Scope of supply
  • technical parameters
  • payment method
  • transaction method
  • transportation method
  • warranty period
  • after-sales service, etc.

About product packaging

Normal packaging will meet the requirements of sea transportation to ensure the integrity of the equipment during transportation.

product packaging


If you need more information about extruders, you can browse the extruder company blog or more to get information, which will help you achieve your goals easily and successfully.

Chinese suppliers provide quality products for you to create a good start. As a Chinese supplier, we also hope to provide you with quality service and help. If you need more help, please contact us to help you answer.


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