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See You Next Time, Düsseldorf&Istanbul!

On October 17, 2022, we took the flight to Frankfurt, Germany, and then went to Düsseldorf. The long journey did not make us feel tired. When we set foot on the land of Düsseldorf, we felt excited and happy. As the largest exhibition in the plastic industry, K show has attracted manufacturers and buyers from all over the world.

We not only met many new customers, but also met many old friends at K Show! Because of the COVID-19, many old customers actually met us for the first time, but this did not hinder our communication, but it was more cordial! We are very grateful to K Show for providing us with the opportunity to meet and communicate with new and old friends all over the world!

See you next time, Düsseldorf&Istanbul 1

At K show, we met many customers who manufacture color masterbatch, high filling masterbatch and engineering plastics etc. As well as many customers who have special needs for manufacturing LFT, continuous 3D printing filaments,and bio-degradable materials etc. The plastic industry is closely related to people’s life. It not only affects people’s daily life, but also plays an important role in medicine, automobile, aerospace, arms and other major fields.

See you next time, Düsseldorf&Istanbul 2
See you next time, Düsseldorf&Istanbul 3

Mr. Fan, our engineer, graduated from Beijing University of Chemical Technology, has more than 20 years of industry experience. He has rich knowledge and experience in plastic technology and machinery. At the K show site, the sales team combined with ENG Fan to provide customers with professional solutions. The on-site communication is better than 100 emails. Only professionals can give customers the answers they want at the exhibition!

See you next time, Düsseldorf&Istanbul 4
See you next time, Düsseldorf&Istanbul 5
See you next time, Düsseldorf&Istanbul 6

We headed to Istanbul immediately after leaving Germany. It was a different experience in romantic Istanbul. We met a lot of interesting and professional people at Plast.Eurasia.

See you next time, Düsseldorf&Istanbul 7
See you next time, Düsseldorf&Istanbul 8
See you next time, Düsseldorf&Istanbul 9
See you next time, Düsseldorf&Istanbul 10
See you next time, Düsseldorf&Istanbul 11

We look forward to seeing you at the next Plast Eurasia and K Show! Happy New Year to friends all over the world in advance!

Happy New Year


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